Uther Pendragon tries to pull rank over Lord Gorlois and convince him to give up his wife Ygraine

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Uther: “Gorlois! You have sworn an oath of allegiance to me. Give me Ygraine now, and I will not punish you for your disobedience.”

Gorlois: “My liege, I have never denied you anything that is your due. I have fought by your side and paid tribute to your crown. But I cannot give you Ygraine.”

Gorlois: “She is not some possession to be handed over. She is my companion of her own free will. If you will not respect her choice, I will fight to defend it.”

Uther: “That is your final answer?”

Gorlois: “Yes, my lord.”

Uther: “Then I am sorry for you, Gorlois.”

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