An Arthurian Romance

The Darkest Hour p. 42

Morgause tries to cope with her weird little sister Morgana

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Morgause: “Why can you never behave like a normal person?”

Morgana: “I was only trying to fly… I know I can do it, if I want it badly enough.”

Morgause: “That’s ridiculous, Morgana. You can’t make things happen just by wanting them.”

Morgana: “Yes you can! It’s called magic. We’re faeries. We can do things that humans can’t. What’s wrong with trying?”

Morgause: “Mummy! Morgana is an idiot again!”

Morgana: “Eep!”

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  1. Samuel Millerick

    Morgana is so cute in the bottom row. Just looking at the two of them makes me feel bad for how screwed up their lives are going to end up. Although maybe things will work out better for them in this comic.

  2. Eva

    It’s Arthurian legend, so it’s bound to get a bit messy… But I hope you’ll find my take on Morgause and Morgana a bit different from most other versions.

    Thank you for reading!

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