An Arthurian Romance

The Darkest Hour p. 50

Uther Pendragon voices his despair over Ygraine to Merlin

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Merlin: “You look sick, my king.”

Uther: “I – I don’t know what has come over me. I have never before needed – craved – …”

Uther: “I have been marching, I have been fighting – and I haven’t got any closer to her.”

Uther: “Merlin – if I cannot posses this woman, I – I will go insane. It’s madness, I know. Gorlois is a good man, who should be my friend and ally. But he leaves me no choice. He won’t give her to me.”


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    I just found you from your awesome hogwartyxmas post. I’m so delighted by your storytelling abilities and subscribing for updates.

  2. Eva

    Thank you so much! Now I’m delighted too! XD

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