High King Uther Pendragon tries to talk to his Queen, Ygraine, but somehow only ends up threatening her again. He wants her to use her magical power to the benefit of his kingdom.

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Ygraine: “I am meeting Marcus Cunumorus. He, I believe, cares about my people.”

Uther: “And you, I trust, care enough to extend your gift of plenty to all my domains. We will need it come harvest time.”

Ygraine: “No, I – I can’t. I won’t. I made a gift of love to Gorlois -“

Uther: “I believe a fairy wife owes her husband a blessing. And I am your husband now. Please, Ygraine, don’t make me force you.”

Ygraine: “If you know you can make me obey, I trust you also know there will be a price to pay if I ever escape your clutches.”

Uther: “I accept that. But for now, you are mine.”

Morgause (off-screen): “EEK! Morgana?!”