An Arthurian Romance

The Darkest Hour p. 103

The abbess thinks she can help Morgana to control her powers. Morgana agrees to go with her.

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Abbess: “Have no fear, my lady. I would not judge her. Life and death are but two ends of the same staff.”

Abbess: “Even so, I think you will agree that the king’s concern is justified… Won’t you, lady Morgana?”

Morgana: “Can you help me control my power?”

Abbess: “I believe so. We seek inner strength through prayer and study. Our way of life may teach you much that is useful.”

Morgana: “I … will come with you.”

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  1. Vivian

    Hey! Great job with the comic so far! I really like the simple and clean art style and eagerly wait to see more! I’d like to ask, Ygraine is a fae, yet she doesn’t seem to have done any magic at all so far to show she really has magic. Whether its benign or malignant, there should still be some use for Ygraine’s magic to at least protect or help her husband? Maybe I missed some scenes. Since Ygraine is a pure blooded fae, shouldn’t she have mastery over controlling magic and be able to teach her daughter? Anyways, thank you for your work. Looking forward to the next page!

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